This company, their products, and especially their service has been a breath of fresh air. They are eager to assist, answer all inquiries personally, and feature immediate shipping. I received two of the same Taconic product on my last order. I made one call, and was rushed out the correct item at an even greater shipping speed! They go the extra mile for customer concerns, stock quality Taconic products, and conduct business with professionalism, and a courteous nature missing from most shaving product vendors. Grab some Taconic soap, cream, or grooming product. They are artisan formulated, excellent performing for: Pre-shave, Wet shaving, Post shave, Facial hair management, and hair care too. Taconic soaps, (to my knowledge) are to only brand to contain hemp seed oil. It will be a one of a kind addition to your den. Good Product! Good Price! Fast Delivery! It Doesn’t Get Any Better! A ++++++.
Taconic Shave Customer
Great smell, great lather! Great smell, great lather with minimal effort. Product has a nice glide also. It protects my skin well.
Taconic Shave Bay Rum Shave Soap
This stuff is AMAZING. Closest shave I’ve had! Thank you, will be buying again!
Taconic Shave Eucalyptus & Mint Shaving Cream
This is amazing beard oil! My husband has tried other types of oil, but this one it by far the best! It smells wonderful, but it is not overpowering. It not only leaves his beard feeling soft, but it also gives it a fabulous shine! He said his skin feels much softer since using it. It has not irritated his skin in any way since he started using it either! We are hooked on this oil!
Taconic Shave Beard Oil
I love this stuff to the point of looking forward to splashing it on after a shave. The mentholated feel of the splash is a kind of wake-up moment while, at the same time, it is soothing. Lavender provides a natural relief and a antiseptic yet pleasing summer perfume. The lime is that final little kick that makes you feel good about yourself, gives you confidence to attack the day, smelling nice. So, after a clean, sharp shave with a fine, single edge blade, the aftershave splash guarantees a strong sense of care for newly refreshed skin. Really, I use this every day.
Taconic Lavender Lime Aftershave Splash
I started using this product this past summer and haven't gone a day without it since. My wife loves the smell and I have gotten more complements on my beard in the last few months than I have in my entire life prior. Five stars!
Taconic Shave Conditioning Beard Balm
I've used other shaving oils before that were petroleum based. This is natural organic, and works about as well and is much more economical.
Taconic Unscented All Natural Pre-Shave Oil
This aftershave balm is had to beat. You only need a small amount and will not clash with a cologne. Put the moisture back into your face after your shave with this wonderful balm.
Taconic Soothing Aftershave Balm with Aloe